Many hands make chaos

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Real-time multiplayer with anyone in the world
You are matched with available players around the web. Next-generation communication tools have been developed enabling players to cooperate or battle with each others regardless of their location in the world.


The show must go on

In co-op or chaos, you will be invited to participate in different shows. Each show has it's own goal and you will be the one who decides it's outcome.

Object placement

The room is a mess and you're the one in charge of the cleanup. Put back objects in their respective place to complete the task.

Pixel drawing

Light pixels on a canvas to match a pattern. Four colors to pick from and a limited amount of squares, simple right?

Control panel execution

You're the one in charge of managing a control panel and things have gotten out of hand. Clear the sequences to complete the task.

Jigsaw puzzle

Classic puzzle game where pieces have to be put togheter to match the picture. Anyone has done that before, shouldn't be a problem.


Every outcome matters.
Regardless of the task's outcome, the players are awarded with either Good or Bad Behaviour points. Accumulate them to level up through the ranks and unlock new cursors. Create your own agenda by either cooperating with others or creating chaos. It's your call.


Defining who you are
There are more than 100 hands available enabling you to truly express yourself. They can be unlocked by either showing good or bad behaviour. Play the way you want, look the way you want.